Thank you for volunteering to receive CarePortal requests!

We are thrilled that you have a heart to care for vulnerable children and families in our community. There are a just few steps you must take before you get started.

  1. Complete the background check and sign the confidentiality agreement on the form below. Instructions are provided as you complete the form. There is no cost associated with the background check.

  2. Watch the video "Tier 1: Basic Training" and read the document "Best Practices" that accompanies the training video below.

  3. Learn the contact information for the Point Person at your church. To respond to a CarePortal request, you must first enter the email address of your Point Person.

After completing these steps, you will be able to respond to CarePortal requests one of two ways. You can respond directly through the email by using the button in the email labeled "Respond", or you can Search Open Requests on the CarePortal website (to search by zip code or keyword) and click the word "Learn More" in the far left-hand column.  

If you have any questions, first contact the Point Person at your church. If you still have questions, contact the Regional Manager.

Watch the basic training video before going out to meet Tier 1 requests. 


Read the best practices before going out to meet Tier 1 requests.