Prior to founding Children of the World, Pat Lee got her start by doing relief work in developing countries.  She began in 1978 by responding to calls for assistance on behalf of orphans living in dire situations.

As she made needs known, the Lord provided. Her efforts, along with the generous contributions of donors
and volunteers, have made it possible over the years to answer the call when it comes. 


here are a few of the projects that have been Completed over the past 30 years:

  • Rebuilt fishing boats and provided much needed supplies to a coastal village in India just six weeks after a devastating tsunami in 2004
  • Supplied tents, medicine, and clothing to displaced victims in Sichuan, China following a massive earthquake in 2008
  • Provided much needed supplies to Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010
  • Installed water purification systems in numerous orphanages around the world
  • Built additions to many orphanages around the world to better house children
  • Provided eye exams and fittings for eyeglasses on medical mission trips
  • Assisted lepers in India on medical mission trips
  • Provided sewing machines and training to young women in India so they are able to support themselves
  • Flown individual children to the United States for emergency medical care
  • Sponsored numerous orphans and widows around the world
  • Helped local women and children in need






Pray For all children across the world--for love, safety, provision, and well-being.

Sponsor a child in an orphanage.

Sponsor a widow in a developing country who is unable to make a living supporting herself.

Donate to the agency mission trips.

Support an adoptive couple with prayer and/or donations.

Raise awareness for the needs of orphans in the United States and abroad.