Thank you for volunteering to be the Point Person for CarePortal at your church!

We are thrilled that you have a heart to care for vulnerable children and families in our community. This page contains instructions and resources specifically for you, the Point Person.

We created a separate page for all volunteers. Once you have completed all three steps on the volunteer page, please share the link with each person at your church who would like to receive CarePortal requests. They must complete all three steps before being allowed to respond to CarePortal requests.


background check instructions for the point person

Step one on the volunteer page is to complete the background check. The site instructs church members to complete their portion of the form and then send the form to you, the Point Person. When you receive the form, please complete your portion using the sample below.

Scan and email the completed form to with "CarePortal Background Check" in the subject line. Nora Williams will email you the results of the background check within 1-2 business days. Please file the results in your church's records and keep track of who has been cleared.

The State requires the original form (with original signatures) for their records. Once a month, they would like us to mail the original form to them at the following address: State of Alabama DHR; Office of Child Protective Services; CA/N Clearance Registy; Attn: Nora Williams; 50 Ripley Street; Montgomery, AL 36130.  The Regional Manager will send an email each month to remind you of this requirement. 

It is up to the Point Person to keep track of the church members who have been cleared to respond to CarePortal requests. Church members must be cleared before they can make contact with a family referred through CarePortal. If a volunteer has not been cleared, they can still meet a request, but they must go through either a church member who has been cleared OR the caseworker.  


Profile and main activities of a tier one point person


helpful tools for churches