International Adoption Is ....

International adoption is an incredible journey that brings together parent and child.     The journey is different for every family; very personal and often hard.  But, success can be found in faith, preparation, education, and cooperation.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you have a "million questions" you want to ask before you make your decision to move forward? Excellent! We love to see families examine all possibilities.   Review our list of FAQs before you apply.

Minimum criteria to adopt

Before you begin, review the list of minimum criteria to ensure you will meet the basic requirements to adopt from your chosen country.

Adoption education & Resources

Knowledge is key. Before you apply, take time to explore some of the valuable adoption education options that are available and connect with other adoptive families / resources.

Individual Country Pages

Be sure to explore our individual program pages for more country-specific information. (If you haven't already)

India Adoption Program                    China Adoption Program

How to Begin

How do I start the process with Children of the world?

  • Have you closely examined the minimum criteria to adopt?

  • Have you talked with other adoptive parents to hear their stories (positive and negative) of intercountry adoption?

  • Are you patient enough to make it through the “unknowns and delays” of this process?

  • Do you have the next 90 days to focus on the tasks of completing & gathering the necessary paperwork for the home study and dossier?

  • Are you financially ready to begin this process? (you will be required to come up with approx. $35,000.00 in the next 12-18 months)

  • Do you have a good support system within your family or church to lean on when things get tough?


Then please click the inquiry link below to provide COTW with a few pieces of general information.

You will be contacted by one of our adoption coordinators to review any questions you have and ensure you meet the minimum criteria required by our agency and country you are interested in. 

The inquiry form is not an application - But will be useful to prepare for our conversation, tailor the information to your specific circumstances, & help us determine the programs you are eligible and best suited for. 

After the initial consultation, prospective adoptive parents who wish to move forward and begin the process, will schedule an interview (phone or in-person) with our International Program Director.

Is this necessary or can I just go ahead and start?

This interview is required to ensure all applicants are provided with disclosures and vital information upfront, so they can make well-informed decisions moving forward.  The interview is also an important opportunity for all members of the process (applicants and agency alike) to be certain they understand each other’s expectations. The success of an adoption journey depends largely on cooperation from both agency and applicant.

General Questions

What if i am just inquiring, but not ready to begin?

If you are just beginning to research international adoption, we encourage you to visit the resources we've provided at the top of this page.

Have you explored these options, but still have one or two specific questions before you feel ready to begin?  Use the link below and one of our staff members will be happy to contact you with answers.