Adoption Learning Partners

  • Webinar "Adopting After Infertility - Are You Ready?

US Department of State

  • Booklet "Intercountry Adoption from A to Z"

Heart of the Matter Education

Empowered to Connect

  • Interactive course for prospective adoptive parents, taught in small groups,                                      "The Prepare Course" meets two hours per week for six weeks

Rainbow Kids Adoption and Child Welfare Advocacy

  • Several articles that provide prospective adoptive parents with guidance on very important topics when considering international adoption. 

Other Adoptive Parents

  • Be sure to communicate with parents who have completed the international adoption process recently. Listen to their stories (positive and negative) and ask questions.
  • A great way to connect with adoptive parents is through social media groups and researching blogs written by adoptive parents.
  • Embrace the knowledge adoptive parents have to offer, but keep in mind that every adoption story is unique and perfectly ordained to fit each family!


The connected child

  • Highly recommended book written by two psychologists specializing in adoption and attachment.
  • Helps parents build bonds of affection and trust, effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders, and discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threatened. 

parenting your internationally adopted child

  • Highly recommended book written by a child and family therapist.  
  • Guides parents in promoting an internationally adopted child's social and emotional adjustment.

Heart of the Matter Education

  • 10-hour online program "Because They Waited"
  • Several individual courses on International Adoption, including one specific to adoption
    from China.

Adoption Learning Partners

  • Five 2-hour online courses  "Hague Package" 
  • Several individual online courses on a variety of adoption-related topics, including two specific to adoption from China.

UAB International Adoption Clinic

  • 9-hour online seminar “Preparing for the Joys and Challenges of International Adoption”
  • Live, on-site "International Adoption Boot Camp" in Birmingham, AL offered 3 times a year.
  • They also provide medical review and clinical evaluation services. This resource is highly recommended for families in Alabama.

Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections

Empowered to Connect

  • Interactive course “The Connect Course” is for post-placement adoptive parents
  • Meets in small groups two hours per week for nine weeks.
  • Free video series on a variety of adoption-related topics.  

EMK Press

  • Countless books and resources on adoption-related topics, including a 50-page free downloadable packet “Realistic Expectations: The First Year Home.”

Adoption Nutrition is an organization dedicated to improving child nutrition around the world, especially in orphanages. Their site addresses nutrition issues by country and provides excellent resources for families with children struggling with eating/food-related issues.

Asia for Kids provides interactive, child-friendly resources (dolls, games, language CD’s, etc.) for families adopting from Asian countries.

Attach China International offers resources and support that focus on attachment issues for families with children from China.

Care for Children International provides materials written by Dr. Frederici, one of the top specialists in the country for children who are very challenging. He is a neuropsychologist well regarded in the international medical field.

Child Trauma Academy is an organization led by Bruce Perry, a renowned specialist in trauma and attachment. It is dedicated to improving the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education.

Come Unity provides resources and support for parents who have children with special needs.

Families with Children from China is a support network for families who have adopted from China.

International Adoption Clinic is an organization led by Dr. Dana Johnson, one of the lead specialists in international adoption medicine. It addresses issues faced by many pre-adoptive parents.

International Adoption Education offers recommended reading and online help for adoption challenges such as attachment, child development, language, and medical concerns, as well as the stages of your adoption journey, how the Christian faith informs our decisions about adoption, and children’s books and activities.

Medical Providers and Therapists for Internationally Adopted Children provides a listing of national and state-by-state adoption service providers.

National Christian Adoption Fellowship promotes adoption and child welfare services within the United States and abroad through a committed fellowship of Christian agencies.

National Council for Adoption meets the diverse needs of children, birth parents, adoptees, adoptive families, and all those touched by adoption through global advocacy, education, research, legislative action, and collaboration.