Support the Villages in Tamil Nadu, India

Recently destroyed by Cyclone Gaja

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A message from Pat Lee

"We recently received terrible news from our friends in India. Several districts of Tamil Nadu were hit by a devastating cyclone on November 16th. Sixty-eight lives were lost, houses have collapsed, farm life ruined, water sources contaminated and electricity disrupted. There are 370,000 people who are homeless. I have spent a lot of time in Prayer since this news came to me. I know that God is calling us to help these families.

First of all will you join me in prayer for these families who are suffering greatly. A disaster of this magnitude that happens anywhere is devastating. When it happens in a poor country such as India it is tragic, the worst you can imagine.


I was blessed to be able to take a team to India in 2004 when the Tsunami hit and destroyed so much and killed so many. We joined hands with Maida Raja and Sunitha Joe to make a difference for these families. We adopted a fishing village there along the water. So many of you joined hands with us to provide boats, nets, medicine, psychological assistance, clothing and to pray over these precious people who had lost everything. We fed that entire village for 11 months. Every month I was so afraid that I would not have enough money to send to Maida to buy food for the families. God provided every single penny!!!! I had committed to feed the village for one year. At eleven months they came to us and said they could now take care of themselves. They were fishing regularly and God was providing the fish.

Late one afternoon I sat with one of the elder men on the beach talking about their lives and the loss of so much. He then shared something with me that I will never forget. He was telling me that the Tsunami had brought such a blessing to them.

I was taken by surprise as I could only think of the loss they had suffered and the years that it would take to bring things back to any kind of normalcy. He looked up at me and said, "If the tsunami had not come, all of you would not have come to tell us about Jesus and His love". This man and many more found Jesus because of Christ Faith home and their witness during this tragic time.

I am asking you to join hands with us again to help these families. They are hungry, thirsty, homeless and suffering but you can make a difference in their lives."