Fashion Show FAQs

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What You Need to Know

Thank you for registering your child to participate in the 2nd annual Motherhood Tea & Children’s Fashion Show! We are thrilled to share this special day with you and your family. We have a checklist of things to complete before the big day.

Please look through the following items below so that you are up-to-date on all the latest details.

Model Information Form

Each parent/guardian must complete the online Model Information Form for their child(ren) registered in the show. Access the form by clicking the button below. This form is completed online and must be submitted as soon as possible.

Event Program

Your $35.00 registration includes a full color photo listing for your child in the event program. The type content for the program is submitted in the model information form (above).

Please submit a vertical photo of your child by email to before June 1st. This photo should be 1.5mb or larger to achieve nice print quality (shoot for higher please …. 2.5 - 6mb range). Smart phones take excellent photos these days - but if they’ve been filtered or cropped (square for instagram for example) we can’t achieve a clear result.

The event programs really are a special keepsake! We work many hours to make sure they turn out nicely. Please submit the form (above) and email your photo as soon as you can.

Sample for Program.jpg

Sample of the Program Listing for Models

This year we are not gathering donations from “supporters” - so, the listing will not have the “lovingly supported section”.

Not gathering funds from supporters this year? How are the children (moms) earning prizes instead? Well, I’m glad you asked…..

Sell Program Ads to Earn Prizes

The top 3 selling models will have their choice between a selection of grand prizes!

(Portrait Session with $250.00 print credit, GC for Permanent Makeup or Brow Microblading, Condo on the Beach, and more to choose from!)

o  1/8 Page ... Size: 2.3 x 1.8” (horizontal) ...$20.00

o  ¼ Page .... Size: 4.75 x 2” (horizontal) ...$35.00

o  ½ Page .... Size: 4.75 x 4” (horizontal) ...$60.00

o  Full Page . Size: 4.75 x 7.8” (vertical) …$95.00

We’ve made it SUPER easy to sell ads to your friends & family.

1) Copy and Paste this Link to Share in an Email or Facebook Post!

(Hey, and while you’re at it… share the event’s facebook page too!)

Event’s Facebook Link: (Your friends and family can buy tickets from this link too)

2) Download and Print this flyer to pass out or distribute

Event Program Advertisement Flyer

The deadline for Ad Sales is Friday, May 31st

All Ad Artwork must be emailed by Saturday, June 1st

What else do we need to know?

Fashion Show FAQs

Can I still register a child in the fashion show?

All spots for the fashion show are now filled.

What is included in the $35.00 registration fee?

The $35.00 fashion show registration fee includes:

  • Your child’s runway walk and ensemble to wear for the show

  • A full color photo entry in the event program

  • A professional portrait (taken the day of the show)

  • A "swag bag" full of gifts and surprises,

  • And box of goodies & treats from the event to take home

*The registration fee DOES NOT include a ticket for the tea & event for a parent.

Will there be child care for children participating in the fashion show before and after they walk?

No, our facility does not have the capacity for child care before / after the fashion show.

Parents/Guardians of Fashion Show Models have 2 options for the day:

  • You may attend just the show (arriving just prior, no ticket needed)


  • With a ticket, you may attend the entire event*

*Please remember, children under 10 must remain with an adult at all times.

I have two children interested in the show. Can they walk together?

Yes, absolutely! We also welcome mothers (or mother-figures) to walk with their children in the show.  We want the participants to enjoy their time and feel as comfortable as possible.

Is there a cost to come see the show?

There is no cost for mothers who choose to come only for the show, and intend to leave afterwards.

For any attendees who plan to come and enjoy the full event, a ticket is needed. Please remember, this is Children of the World’s annual benefit (the only fundraiser COTW has all year long). This decision isn’t meant to exclude anyone, only ensure we have all costs well accounted for.

A note from MaryBeth - “This year, my Ellie will be in the show. Realistically, there is NO WAY I’ll be able to manage her and… enjoy my time at the benefit. So, my sweet hubby will be bringing her to the show for me (and staying to watch as a proud daddy!) After the show, he’ll whisk her away (leaving her fashion show outfit behind) so that I can focus on shopping and fellowship!”

Treat yourself to an afternoon of fun, line up help for the little one (if needed), and even bring Mom/Mother-in-law/Bestie along to share!

Tickets are LIMITED. Please purchase early.  We would hate for anyone to miss out!

when will I pick up my child’s outfit?

We will host models (accompanied by an adult) in the Children of the World Office Friday, June 7th & Saturday, June 8th for an opportunity to try-on and make wardrobe selections.

The Tuesday before (June 4th) you will receive an email with a link to select you “Try On” time-slot.

Depending on the provider of your child’s wardrobe (and other circumstances that may apply) it is possible you will need dress your child for the show at the facility after you arrive. (There will be limited space, for changing only). If this is the case, Children of the World will provide you with the outfit the day-of. All others will bring their selection home with them after try-on.

*You will need to leave your child’s outfit with an attendant after the show. So, please have a change of clothes for your child with you at the event.

what does the schedule look like the day of the event?

Doors will open for the event at 1pm on June, 9th

Guests will check-in and receive their “swag bags” with event program

All vendors will be open (y’all - we have some AWESOME vendors lined up!!) and the first portion of the reception fare is displayed

The Fashion Show Introduction will begin at approx 2pm (If you are coming just for the show, plan to be there by 1:30)

The Fashion Show itself is broken into 2 waves (younger models first, followed by older group). Between the 2 waves there is a brief presentation from our founder, Pat Lee.

In this year’s presentation we will be honoring the life of beloved mother, Nikki Pilot Carlisle. (our special donation collection at the event will build a playground in Nikki’s name at a children’s center and orphanage in India). After the presentation, wave 2 will begin. Once your child has walked, you will be able to leave. (approx 2:30)

A few things to remember before you leave Make sure you have your child’s photo taken by the photographer (before or after they walk) and make sure you leave your child’s wardrobe with an attendant before you go.

Following the Fashion Show, the second portion of the reception fare is displayed and guests will be invited to continue shopping and enjoying the entertainment provided.

As the event starts to wrap up (approx 3:30) we will be honoring the 2019 COTW Graduates (adoptees graduating from High School or College)