Agency Statistics


Number of Agency Received applications to adopt on a yearly basis*

2016 2017 2018

31 total 54 total 79 total

Agency Received Applications By Program

*These figures represent the total number of families who have applied to adopt through one of our international adoption programs.

Children of the World adoption agency does not currently have a domestic adoption program.

Both of International Adoption programs offered by our agency (China & India) matching families, at the appropriate time, with waiting children from the respective adoption authority’s list of available referrals. All adoption agencies registered with the authority (to adopt from that country) have access to these lists for potential placement (commonly referred to as “shared lists”). Thereby, Children of the World does not maintain an exclusive listing (number) of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoptive placement.

Agency Completed by Program

*China & India Figures Represent Completed Adoptions.

Total Number of Placements

by agency, per year

2016 2017 2018

11 total 25 total 34 total

*For the purposes of these statistics, International Adoption cases are considered “complete”, when the family arrives home with their adopted child. Home Study Only cases are considered “complete”, when the home study report is finalized, and provided to the client and/or placing agency.

Of the 70 international adoption placements completed by Children of the World since 2016, 99% remain intact (69 of the 70)

A list of our agency’s statistics is available upon request. Additional information, such as sample client contracts, fee schedules, agency service policies and practices, etc. may also be made available upon request.